Monday, 24 March 2008

My Sincere Apologies

I refer to my blog posts dated 8 June, 21 June and 12 July 2007. I had directed derogatory comments at my internship company. It was pure indiscretion on my part and through it I have learnt an immeasurable lesson. This post is to make my apology public and I bear the responsibility of my unjustified actions.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The Tatooist

OK Bangzhi's movie is like FINALLY out! Lets go and catch it guys! But I think with me needing to go to Nepal and with the impending exams just next week... ARRGHH I might not have time to catch it! Hope I can make some time to just support him. And after Yong said that he saw the trailer and saw a clip of Bangzhi on it, he went gaga, we MUST go and watch it! Haha.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's all in the mind...and heart...

A real rude awakening. My heart sunk, tears rolled down. It had been just a dream. It's the second time that this has happened. Heavy hearted and stressed, hopeless and tired. Just waiting for time to pass ever so slowly by. It's all in my mind if I can just stop thinking about you. The constant fight in my head continues...

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Only guard against impending problems is possible BUT

Walking down the streets, my mind fuzzes out the usual hubba. All the smells that surround, all the sights to behold, and all the sounds that vibrate in the air dissipate before my senses manage to infuse it into my internal system. I just realized that you can always prepare yourself from impending problems but they actually hit you when your guard is down and when you least expect it. Shocked? Nope not shocked. Confused? Not so... Sad? Yes and no. Lost... Most definitely so. What am I to do?

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Her face paints a picture of pure innocence

Standing under the sweltering heat of the sun while waiting to cross the traffic light, she fumbled with her straw and watched it drop to the floor. Upon hitting the floor, the straw rolled forward slightly on to the road. She moved forward, bent down, and picked up her straw, not considering the dangers that might have been present with cars zooming by. She held the straw firmly in her hand, dusted the dirt of the straw and smiled. She was glad that she had her straw again. Probably fantasizing about how she would later use that straw to drink her bubble tea. As she waited for the traffic light, she got excited when she saw a bus with presumably her friends in it. She called out and waved frantically to them, even though they could not hear her nor did not see her there. As the light changed from amber to green, she surged forward in anticipation and dashed across the road. Smiling all the way. As I looked at her face which painted a picture of pure innocence, I lost it. A tear streamed down my face.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Bye bye Armenia Street kopitiam

From the end of month, one of the few regular makan places which SMU students frequent will be gone. Our beloved Armenia Street coffee shop will be en bloc and the stalls relocated. From a sentimental point of view ,it is so sad to see yet another old building going to be teared down. And it being our regular makan spots, a loss of a "lao di fang". The famous wan tan noodles, char kuay teow and ngoh hiang stalls will be no more. From an SMU student's perspective, with the disappearance of the Armenia Street coffee shops, our makan places would be down to just, let me think, Kopitiam in school or Kopitiam opposite the SIS building. OOOOOHHHH man!!!! Let us for the last few times visit this street before it is no more...

Friday, 21 September 2007

Project Namaste II (Nepal)

Hey one and all,

I will be going for a Community Service trip to Nepal with a team from SMU (Project Namaste II) at the end of the year to serve the community there in particular to help educate kids and reconstruct the school there (painting, maybe building something small, etc).We would also be constructing a library and improving the stoves there. The project then requires a lot of funds for us to make this success a major one. 1 way in which our fundraising will be done is through the "sale of postcards". These postcards are very special as one will not just be buying a postcard in itself but in fact these postcards will be filled by personal messages from the Nepali kids themselves and later posted from Nepal back to Singapore. What you see below here are some of the Nepali postcards. They are both beautiful and meaningful. Therefore, one can think of it as if you made a donation and in gratitude, the Nepali kids decide to write you a "Thank you" message,because that is what it is. Do your part for charity. Contact me at 81007451 or email me at for more enquires. Think about it. One good meal would more than exceed this amount already. Why not make a little 1 day sacrifice to help others more in need? It's definitely worth. Feel your heart. A lot of people have asked me how much to donate. Our team have discussed for it to be at least $10 per postcard but since it's for such a good cause and if you feel able enough, any amount more than $10 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.